I learnt how to engage in a practice that would enable me to take better care of myself. I learnt a lot about the way our minds function and about cultivating more positive and helpful attitudes. I also realized that there is a lot of benefit in sharing and receiving support from other people.


MBSR Course

I found the day so relaxing and de-stressing. I found the venue wonderful. The walk around the garden was lovely and the tour around the house was a nice bonus.


Day Retreat

I’m grateful for all I could learn during the course. I wasn’t able to attend an offline course so the online version was perfect for me. The course has changed my way of treating my own thoughts and emotions. I’ve found a lot of practices that give me joy and change my everyday life. I could connect with other people around the world who I could grow with.

Gosia Kozlowska

MBSR Online

Although the course I attended was run online Sheena had a natural ability to make participants feel comfortable and connected. Each week I was really impressed with how she made a space for us to ground ourselves, practice mindfulness, and learn from one another, all from the comfort of our own houses.


MBSR Online

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