31 May 2021

The intention of Discovering Mindfulness (website, consultations, classes, courses and workshops) is to provide training, coaching, feedback and support in the practice of mindfulness. The services provided are for educational purposes only and are not diagnostic, prescriptive or treatment for specific physical or psychological conditions.

The services are suitable for adults over the age of 18 years.

On request specialist psychological services may be provided, with required parental consent, that are appropriate for adolescents from age 16 years.

Using the website

By using this website you are accepting the terms of service and related policies, in particular our Privacy Policy. Feel free to get in touch if you cannot find the information you required and also if anything isn’t working for you on the site.

You are free to use this website without providing any personal data. The website is offered as a way to share information on the classes, courses and workshops offered by Discovering Mindfulness. These are updated every 6 months. Any changes may also be notified through our page on Facebook/discoveringmindfully.

Any blogs published here intend to capture the personal experience and perspectives of the writer. The themes are offered as a way of encouraging expression of and sharing our common human experience of this Full Catastrophe Living. Visiting writers are welcome to get in touch. We ask that in using the site you do not break any laws or add misleading comments or posts. Only genuine comments i.e. no spam, will be accepted for publication.

We only ask for personal data when you register to the website to receive the first free meditation and sign up to our mailing list to receive future information by email. When you use the contact us form, we will reply to you at this email address and we may also ask if you wish to join the mailing list for future newsletters. If you would like to removed from the mailing list, please let us know sheena@discoveringmindfulness.ie.

By Agreement

By signing up to the services, participants agree to work within their own capacities and to consult their General Practitioners about any concerns of pain and discomfort, physical and mental, that may arise in that time. Participants accept that Sheena Burke/Discovering Mindfulness and the location of the service are not responsible for any loss, damage or injuries.

While the practices of mindfulness are accessible to everyone, there are times when it may not be appropriate to avail of the services of Discovering Mindfulness. For example, classes/courses/workshops may not be suitable for those experiencing acute trauma or severe mental distress or physical ill-health. The practice invites people to turn towards all aspects of our experience. For some people this may trigger anxiety, depressive, dissociative episodes or trauma flashbacks. Please consult with your General Practitioner/Therapist to advise on the appropriateness of undertaking training in mindfulness at this time in your life.

Please also advise Discovering Mindfulness in advance if you are suffering any physical ill-health and of any previous experience of mental ill-health, such as anxiety/depression/trauma/psychosis. For longer courses, a short pre-course interview is completed in person or by telephone before a place is confirmed. All information provided in this context is held in the strictest of confidence (See Privacy Policy and Confidentiality section in this policy) and is gathered purely for the purpose of ensuring that we can work safely together.


Discovering Mindfulness offers confidentiality within normal limits. This means that confidentiality is guaranteed at all times except where a person has immediate plans to harm themselves or others and where there is information that a child is currently at risk or has in the past experienced harm/abuse/neglect.

When you sign up in person, additional information may also be sought in person such sharing information on previous meditation experience, confiming any relevant medical history that may impact your enagement and contact details for an ‘in case of emergency’. information that is offered in person is maintained in separate to this website, in hard copy format and it is held securely in a locked filing cabinet on a secured premises.

Please see our privacy policy that details how your personal data gathered from the website is protected under GDPR (2016).

Booking and Cancellation

By booking a place on class/course/workshop, you are confirming that you are over 18 years of age. Occasionally specialist courses, classes and consultations may be offered that are appropriate for 16 years onwards when parental consent will be required before a place is confirmed.

Places are confirmed on courses and workshops on receipt of full payment or a non-refundable deposit. Payments may be made by SEPA or in person. Please contact sheena@discoveringmindfulness.ie for details.

Cancellations prior to 7 days of booking will receive a refund of the full amount paid less the non-refundable deposit. Cancellations within 7 days of the course/workshop are not refunded but may be transferred to a subsequent course/workshop. If the cost of the subsequent course is greater than the original fee paid, participants are liable to pay this excess. If transferring to a class/course/workshop that costs less, the difference is not refunded. Cancellations of individual consultations are required within 24 hours of appointment dates and those cancelled within 24 hours or not attended will be invoiced for payment.

In the event of cancellations of courses/workshops by Discovering Mindfulness, all money paid will be refunded.

Please contact me sheena@discoveringmindfulness.ie with any queries or comments on these Terms and Conditions.

By attending you are agreeing to these terms and conditions including the service protocol for COVID-19