Sit with Inquiry

About the Class

Sit with Inquiry sessions are offered to MBSR teachers/teachers in training. 

Each week we sit together in companionable silent practice and I offer some inquiry into the practice. These small-group sessions present an opportunity to show up with ‘participant’ rather than ‘teacher’ hats on and to connect with fellow MBSR teachers. Each session comprises a short introduction to each other and the intention of the session, a 30 minute silent sit and a 30 minute group inquiry.

Two time options of Monday mornings 11 am (CET) & Thursday evening 8.30pm  (CET).  

Autumn/Winter 2021 6th Sep – 13th Dec inclusive

There is no assigned fee for these sessions at this time to ensure that finance is not a barrier to deepening practice in community. For those who feel inclined to and who are in a position may choose to offer a donation (max. €50 per month) and this is much appreciated by the teacher. 

I really loved the sessions -perfect balance of silent meditation, inquiry and discussion with lovely poems and thoughts shared weekly by Sheena.

really useful and inspiring. Even just listening to others experiences or your inquiry I learned a lot both as a teacher and as a participant

I've really enjoyed the global aspect of this experience and meeting others from around the world. It helps me to feel more connected and a part of a bigger whole.

I particularly like the elegant simplicity of your sessions. I find having a focus/intention/theme interesting and it helps me to think about experiences in a broader sense.

It is grounding at a surreal time to hear others' experiences.

A very welcome time to sit and be in silence in the midst of my extremely busy life.

Wonderfully connected and heartfelt and deep. I wasn’t sure how it would be to participate in something like this via zoom and I was happily surprised at how much deep work can be done virtually.

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