Mindfulness for Young Adults

Inner Strength Training

Why Mindfulness?

One of the approaches I offer for work with young adults is called ‘DNA-V’ and this is a therapeutic approach developed by Dr. Louise Hayes, Clinical Psychologist to help young people to thrive and have greater psychological flexibility and strength. Using the effective elements found in all therapies and psychological intervention, DNA-V is an integration of acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness and positive psychology.

What is DNA-V?

DNA-V starts with the simple premise that we humans have much more potential than we can ever express in one moment. We are more like fire than stone. We are never complete, never broken, always capable of growth

Just as we have DNA in our cells, we humans have another set of DNA behaviours or skills. – Dr. Louise Hayes.

D, N, and A stand for discoverer, noticer, and advisor, three ways of being, or spaces, that we can move between. Our discoverer help us to do things and explore new territories. Our noticer is our mindfulness skill where we are aware of what is going on inside of us and around us. Our advisor is our inner voice, how we talk to ourselves, give ourselves advice and solve problems. The advisor can become a problem if we use it blindly as we can lose contact with the physical world and use worry, rumination, our own self-talk or rules even if they do not help us grow. DNA-v can be used to train skilled advisors, discoverers and noticers.


We can learn to flexibly move between the different skills, become more skilled at each, and use them to create a life with heart – value and vitality (the V). When we can move flexibly around these skills, we can choose the behaviour that best fits the situation and feel more connected to what matters and in charge of our lives.

Learn more about these three different skills at Dr. Louise’s website.

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