Mindful Day Retreat

Bathe in beautiful natural surrounds, listen to your own inner nature and experience deep rest, nourishment, warmth and reflection.

Mindful Day Retreat

Join our seasonal day retreat as we open to the energy and vitality of the season.  Take this day of mindfulness practice in beautiful surrounds. A wonderful way to embrace the arrival of spring brightness and nourish our own being.


Join us for this specially designed day of guided mindfulness practices.  The practices are drawn from the curriculum of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and support a balance of wakefulness and rest.

  • begin the day with welcome teas on arrival
  • enjoy a welcoming guided orientation to our host venue
  • move to our practice room for gentle guided mindful movement, walking and sitting meditations to wake us up to our present moment vitality and ease.
  • connect to the beautiful wisdom of nature that is signalling a natural slowing down, letting go and appreciation of all that is present.
  • enjoy the weaving in of mindful poetry through the day and heartful practices to cultivate qualities of care and goodwill.
  • create space for reflecting on your learning from taking this time to rest in this season of your life
  • leave feeling rested and reconnected with inner strength and vitality; ready to embrace the next days of the season with heartful ease and wise acceptance.

This day of mindful self-care in kindly community will be a quiet time. It works well for people who are seeking an experience of practising guided mindfulness meditations, gentle mindful movement, walking and breath/body practices.

Warm drinks and snacks through the day.  A warm, nourishing and heartful home-cooked lunch is included in your fee for the day.  

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