Meeting Uncertainty Together: MBSR Maps & Metaphors

A morning of practice and inquiry in community

About the Class

As we continue to move through an unprecedented global pandemic with as much as 50% of the world under ‘lockdown’ periods for repeated and prolonged time periods this year,  we ask the key question – what does MBSR offer in the midst of this? 

In this morning session, we will practice, inquire and dialogue on recent experiences of teaching MBSR in the midst of a global pandemic.  We will engage in the practice of mindfulness as heartfulness, that holds non-judgement, open mind and warm hearts at the essential core. 

We will also review key MBSR maps and metaphors from the wider teaching community and explore how they may serve our practice and teaching now and into the future as we move into new phases of living alongside COVID-19.  This morning session is highly experiential, reflective, connective and collaborative.  

As MBSR teachers we stand on the shoulders of many giants, from early buddhist teachings to modern day neuroscience and psychological research evidence. We may call these the ‘elders’ of our MBSR community to inform, deepen and evolve our shared understanding of the practices and teachings that may serve us as individuals and as communities of care together. 

The event is offered to MBSR teachers at all stages of their pathway as a continuing education support.  All are welcome to join this community circle of MBSR teachers, whether you are new to or deeply familiar with sharing mindfulness with others or whether you are simply drawn to connect and be nourished in the connection of this community coming together.

27th March 2021

9am – 1pm (GMT)

(10am – 2pm CET)


Sheena offered me a journey to my heart and I feel deeply blessed for this experience . The masterclass was not only an opportunity to reconnect with myself and nourish me, but it felt like coming home, ... just be..., with likeminded people which in itself is so precious.

Really loved the masterclass and it was wonderful to connect with other teachers, those I know well and those I know not so well. The sharing is a real heartfelt experience and so nourishing for my own practice and teaching. I do think it is vital to have a space as a teacher where you can connect with others and share experiences and the masterclass is ideal. You held the space masterfully with both sufficient structure and guidance and also enough space for our own exploration and exchange

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