MBSR Teachers Community Hub

MBSR Teachers Community Hub

As part of my involvement as a trainer of MBSR teachers with Mindful Academy Solterreno (MAS), I initiated the MAS Community Hub in 2020. The ‘hub’ of something is the most important part of a place or activity. The ‘hub’ of Mindful Academy Solterreno, and therefore its most important part, is our community. With supervised assistance from peers in the community we offer different means of meeting together to share our personal practice and teaching experiences in community.

The intention of these sessions is to create conditions that may deepen our embodiment of the practice and to grow our connection with the heart of MBSR teaching. In community, we encourage our growth of self-inquiry and reflective practice, that are foundational dimensions of our teaching competencies.

There is no fee for these sessions.  Email sheena@discoveringmindfulness.ie to join the database and receive the meeting link and reminders of the monthly theme and co-hosts.

Reflect and Share 

These almost-monthly 2 hour sessions offer offer a co-created space for reflective practice and group inquiry on our teaching experiences of the key themes relevant to MBSR-informed teaching of mindfulness.

In these 2 hour online sessions we will hold a theme as the central structure for our reflective inquiries and sharings. We will hold these lightly as we trust in emergence and what arises from our own sharings in each session.  With mindful listening and speaking, we gain from the opportunity to connect with peer MBSR teachers who are teaching in similar contexts or cultures and expand our awareness from the breadth of our diversity.

Whether or not you are teaching the 8 week format of the MBSR curriculum, these sessions are open to all and offer us a means to stay connected with the core principles and teachings of the MBSR principles as the foundations to our professional work.

In 2022, themes each month related to the session themes of the traditional MBSR curriculum devised by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

In 2023, themes each month are inspired by relevant curriculum for cultivating heart qualities of friendship, joy, compassion and equanimity.  This year referencing themes of Awakening Joy: 10 Steps to Happiness by James Baraz.

Sessions are co-ordinated by Sheena with co-hosts Connie, Lianne and members of the MAS Teaching Team.

There is no assigned fee for these sessions at this time to ensure that finance is not a barrier to deepening practice in community. For those who feel inclined to and who are in a position may choose to offer a gift or donation

I really loved the sessions -perfect balance of silent meditation, inquiry and discussion with lovely poems and thoughts shared weekly by Sheena.

really useful and inspiring. Even just listening to others experiences or your inquiry I learned a lot both as a teacher and as a participant

I've really enjoyed the global aspect of this experience and meeting others from around the world. It helps me to feel more connected and a part of a bigger whole.

I particularly like the elegant simplicity of your sessions. I find having a focus/intention/theme interesting and it helps me to think about experiences in a broader sense.

It is grounding at a surreal time to hear others' experiences.

A very welcome time to sit and be in silence in the midst of my extremely busy life.

Wonderfully connected and heartfelt and deep. I wasn’t sure how it would be to participate in something like this via zoom and I was happily surprised at how much deep work can be done virtually.

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