Deepening Practice: A polyvagal-informed MBSR?

A morning of practice and inquiry in community

About the Class

Skilful MBSR teaching emerges from our own deep engagement with the practices and teachings that inform this curriculum. This morning session offers an opportunity to come together as a community of teachers where we may deepen our skills and practice together. The session is highly experiential, reflective, connective and collaborative and offers a core framework, or teaching, to scaffold our continued learning and growth as MBSR practitioners and teachers. 

As MBSR teachers we stand on the shoulders of many giants, from early buddhist teachings to modern day neuroscience and psychological research evidence. We may call these the ‘elders’ of our MBSR community. In this session we will explore, through practice and inquiry, poly-vagal theory as a framework that can enhance our trauma-sensitive teaching and practice in MBSR. It sits alongside the ‘Window of Tolerance’ concept in practical ways.

Poly-vagal theory was developed by Dr. Stephen Porges who proposes that engaging our social engagement system is our default strategy we use to regulate our stress responses. The social engagement system helps us to manage threat and danger in the world and involves the regulation of the muscles of the face, head and heart. We will explore the theory through experience and reflect on how this work can strengthen our skills as MBSR teachers.  We will trust in emergent learning as we share the joy of mindful movement together as a neural exercise that can help us to move from stressed to calm states and bear witness to each others’ insights and experiences. 

All are welcome to join this community circle, whether you are new to or deeply familiar with poly-vagal theory or whether you are simply drawn to connect and be nourished in the connection of this community coming together. 

22 July 2023

9am – 1pm (GMT+1)  (10am – 2pm CET )


Thank you so much for the workshop and materials. It was so worth it. This time passed so quickly and it was so experiential. Thanks for deepening my understanding.

Thank you from the depths of my heart for this space. What a deep, deep, deep connection.

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