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Individual mindfulness psychology consultation for adults and adolescents (16+).

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Discovering Mindfulness

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In the midst of a world of uncertainty, discover how evidence-informed mindfulness and psychological therapy offers a path of practical hope. Learn how we can reclaim our wellbeing in every moment and live a more flourishing and satisfying life.

Mindfulness offers us simple and practical means for living well in our everyday moments today and for the future. By turning to the whole of our being, we come to know ourselves deeply and grow our capacity to care for ourselves, each other and our world.

When our experiences of the past and concerns for the future overwhelm our present, psychological therapy offers individualised support to understand, care for and heal our wounds and worries.

Sheena offers individual psychological consultation and group mindfulness training, courses and retreats both online and in-person.

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Specialist clinical psychology service and certified mindfulness training for groups and individuals.




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I learnt how to engage in a practice that would enable me to take better care of myself. I learnt a lot about the way our minds function and about cultivating more positive and helpful attitudes. I also realized that there is a lot of benefit in sharing and receiving support from other people.

LouMBSR Course

I found the day so relaxing and de-stressing. I found the venue wonderful. The walk around the garden was lovely and the tour around the house was a nice bonus.

KatherineDay Retreat

I'm grateful for all I could learn during the course. I wasn't able to attend an offline course so the online version was perfect for me. The course has changed my way of treating my own thoughts and emotions. I've found a lot of practices that give me joy and change my everyday life. I could connect with other people around the world who I could grow with. And it's only the beginning of the journey into a mindful life!

Gosia Kozlowska

Online MBSR with Sheena has been a revelation! It is a fantastically supportive course which inspires, empowers and enables you to uncover, non-judgementally reflect and gradually change any unhelpful habitual responses to stressors and stressful interactions.

Although the course I attended was run online Sheena had a natural ability to make participants feel comfortable and connected. Each week I was really impressed with how she made a space for us to ground ourselves, practice mindfulness, and learn from one another, all from the comfort of our own houses. We even had a retreat one Sunday morning together online and it worked wonderfully. I felt extra energized and motivated as a result knowing I had been able to achieve so much from within my own home.

The group enquiry and sharing element of the course is extremely supportive, and one feels part of an informal community that develops through the weekly sessions. The experiential and developmental elements of the course are fantastic for gradually increasing one's confidence with mindfulness. Sheena's teaching style is empathic, patient, kindly, supportive, and fun! I couldn't recommend this course highly enough.

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We have a range of classes, courses, retreats, workshops and individual appointments available. Requests for bespoke options for your group or company are also welcomed.

Learn Mindfulness

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Mindfulness in Nature

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Online and in-person consultations for 16+ years

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We offer an approach that integrates mind-body-heart, evidence-based and science-informed psychological therapy and mindfulness training. Together we create safe, nonjudgmental and encouraging spaces where you can learn to reduce distress and move closer to living a more satisfied life.

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