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Why retreat?

  Reading Sylvia Boorsteins's: Don't just do something, sit there - I am inspired to remember the value of periodic retreats. Paraphrasing Sylvia and integrating with my own ponderings: So why practice 'in seclusion' rather than 'in the midst of life'? On retreat, we are freed of the usual diversions and distractions.  There is no place to hide.  We open to the possibility of knowing ourselves a bit better. Really we practice seeing how things are rather that how we are. In our day to day lives we complicate our moments, spinning up elaborate productions and the mind becomes confused and fatigued.…

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Inspiring words … the time is now …

I love those moments that wake me up from an overthinking-everplanning loop!  Here's a share for today ... Today a poem from Oriah Mountain Dreamer, The Call, stopped me in my tracks... these words resonated especially ...   " ... There is nowhere to go.  What you are looking for is right here.   Open the fist clenched in wanting and see what you already hold in your hand.     There is no waiting for something to happen, no point in the future to get to.   All you have ever longed for is here in this moment, right now.   …

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