Mindfulness-Based Psychology & Supervision

Psychological Therapy

Group programmes do not suit all people who would like to bring mindfulness into their lives. The teaching and practices can be adapted to respond to individual needs. Individual consultation allows for a more personalised approach that can support the sensitive adaptation of practices including the challenges that may arise.

Following an initial assessment and review of needs, we may agree a programme that is informed by an integration of my clinical and educational psychology training and experience with mindfulness. Cognitive-behaviour therapy, humanistic, relational and psychodynamic therapeutic principles may inform my psychological consultations. This service is available for adolescents and adults.


Mindfulness-based supervision is available for MBSR teachers and other professionals who are seeking to integrate mindfulness-based approaches to support them in their work.

The following definition frames my approach: Supervision offers a regular space that is contracted between supervisor and supervisee, which enables reflection on the supervisee’s mindfulness teaching practice and how this interfaces with his/her personal mindfulness practice and life.  The process is dedicated to developing and deepening the growth, understanding, integrity, safety and effectiveness of the supervisee’s application of mindfulness, both personally and in his/her working life. Cindy Cooper & Jody Mardula (2011; 2016). Please contact me for further details on my supervision policy and protocol.

Mindfulness can help professionals nourish their therapeutic presence, compassion and empathy in ways that enrich our work and reduce the potential for burnout or compassion-fatigue. Engaging in regular mindfulness-based supervision is recommended best practice for MBSR teachers.

In my clinical and educational psychology practice, I completed supervisor training with leaders in cross-professional approaches to supervision, including functional, developmental, reflective learning, experiential, inquiry-style and process-oriented frameworks. In recent years, I completed Mindfulness Supervisor Training with The Mindfulness Network/Bangor University in the UK and adopt a mindfulness-based supervision framework in my supervision work. I also receive supervision on my work as a supervisor.

A pledge – I too am human

Before every session, I take a moment to remember my humanity. There is no
experience that you have that I cannot share with you, no fear that I cannot understand, no suffering that I cannot care about, because I too am human. No matter how deep your wound, you do not need to be ashamed in front of me.
I too am vulnerable. And because of this, I am enough. Whatever your story, you no longer need to be alone with it. This is what will allow the healing to begin.
-Carl Rogers