Mindfulness can transform how we work. Flexibility, creativity and high performance are some of the outcomes emerging from studies of mindfulness in the workplace Organisations from Google to the London Underground have introduced regular training opportunities for workers and report improvements in focus, decision-making, relationships, sleep, reducing work absences due to stress and generally increasing happiness at work. The most skeptic are gaining from staying open to exploring the potential superpower of Mindfulness at work.

The .bFoundations programme is a workplace mindfulness programme specifically designed for staff and other adults in the education sector. Taster sessions can be arranged to introduce staff groups to the possibilities for mindfulness in education. Contact me to learn more.

I welcome every opportunity to discover with people how mindfulness can help us in everyday life. I have designed and delivered tailor-made training in mindfulness with a host of different organisations and community groups including Facebook (Dublin and London), AIB, The Law Society, LinkedIn, HSE Stoma Support Group and the Heart of Ireland Festival. Please contact to see how we can explore how mindfulness can help you and your organisation at work.


Please contact for more details.