Workshops – an introductory series

This series of workshops offers an opportunity to learn about mindfulness through experience. Suitable for beginners and those curious to know more about how to weave mindfulness into daily living, we will learn about the development of mind habits, and how much is not of our own doing but rather part of being human! To build our mindful awareness, we practice paying attention in deliberate and friendly ways to whatever is actually happening in our present moment. And we learn how this can help us to break the hold of unhelpful habits of behaviour, thoughts and emotions and impulses that arise, moment to moment. We need not be driven by our thoughts and emotions but rather we can learn to work with them.

Mindfulness training is a mental fitness and an investment in our mental wealth. The benefits of practising mindfulness regularly may include becoming more present in our daily lives, finding ways to feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled, to get on better with others, to work more effectively and to increase resilience in the face of stress and difficulties. As with all new skills, it takes practice and some effort; and these workshops are designed to help you create new habits and make more satisfying choices everyday.  

Each workshop will focus on a particular theme or aspect of mindfulness and will include some group discussions, interactive exercises and meditation practices. Practices for daily life will be shared so that we can continue to build our mindfulness or awareness muscle in any moment. Come to one or come to all. Click on the workshop title to learn more about that particular session. And get in touch with any questions.

As a qualified MBSR teacher, following international best practice guidelines for teaching mindfulness, all workshops draw on teachings from core evidence-based programmes of Jon Kabat Zinn’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programme and the Oxford Mindfulness Centre programmes of MBCT and Finding Peace in a Frantic World.

Mindfulness & Stress Reduction: 30th March 2019

Mindfulness & Everyday Life: 20th April 2019

Mindfulness: Taking Care of Ourselves: 25th May 2019

Mindfulness for Balanced Living: 22nd June 2019


Location: Mullingar

Cost: €35 each