MBSR Online

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What is MBSR online?

This course offers an online means of accessing the ‘gold-standard’ of mindfulness training programmes – Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction or MBSR. See main MBSR page for details about the course itself.

If you are interested in taking the MBSR course but you are unable to physically get to an ‘in-person’ course, then this is the course for you. Previous participants have reported the same range of benefits as those who have taken the in-person course. With the global pandemic this year, perhaps we may all be experiencing a brave new attitude and appreciation when it comes to the devices that are helping us stay connected with the people and projects that matters to us most.

The MBSR course is specifically designed to support us in developing a mindfulness approach to meeting the joys and challenges of our everyday lives. Together we create a safe and supportive environment where we will experience:

  • Guided instruction in core mindfulness meditation practices
  • Gentle stretching and mindful movement
  • Group discussions to grow our skills of awareness in everyday life
  • Experiential activities to explore our common human experience of stress reactivity
  • How mindfulness can support us in accessing our skills for creative responding in the face of difficulty
  • Developing a new, wiser, relationship with our thoughts, emotions and reactions.

The course schedule runs just as the in-person course, with 8 x 2.5 hours weekly sessions plus a full day of practice that are delivered live, with our computers, through a videoconferencing application. The application is quite straightforward to use and it allows us to interact, connect and engage with each other in authentic and meaningful ways. Just as we do on the ‘in-person’ courses. We will share practical activities, meditations and discussions, just as we do on the in-person course. Each week we have daily home practice to complete as we grow our mindfulness practice together over the 8 weeks. Please also be assured that you do not need to be ‘technologically-proficient’ to join the course: simply have basic computer skills, be willing to give it a try and show up for each session.

Technological & Practical Needs

For the best possible experience in taking this course online, we use Zoom, a video conferencing application that you can sign up with for free. To work best Zoom has minimum requirements that include having a computer with speakers, microphone, and video capabilities, and a high-speed internet connection.

Before signing up for this course, you will need:

  • A personal computer or laptop with a high-speed internet connection, with a working camera, so you are onscreen for the duration, microphone and speakers
  • To plug directly into the network with a cord rather than using wireless (WiFi), if possible, to ensure appropriate bandwidth
  • To be familiar with your computer as we cannot provide technical assistance
  • To have a backup or ‘Plan B’ ready should your first choice of computer and network run into some difficulty (i.e. second device, mobile network and if needs be telephone to phone-in).
  • To have downloaded Zoom, the videoconferencing application. Click here to learn more about Zoom and how you can open a free account.
  • To be able to create the physical space and time you need to engage fully in the weekly sessions and day of practice with minimal interruptions. This might include securing access to a quiet, well-lit room, where you can rest your computer screen and be visible sitting, lying down and standing and gaining family/housemate support that can allow you to join the sessions fully, for example giving you full access to your network bandwidth for the duration of the weekly live sessions and agreements on how to interact with family and work commitments during thes sessions.

Course Summary

This MBSR Online course is an opportunity to develop a personal practice of mindfulness and to refresh or deepen a practice for everyday living. Over 8 weeks you learn through experience and supportive discussions, core meditation practices to train in mindfulness. We learn about our common human experience of stress reactivity and how a regular mindfulness practice supports our flexibility in responding creatively in the face of difficulty, stress and suffering. The more we practice with wise choices and attitudes, the more we move towards flourishing in our lives.

The course develops our attitudes towards whatever is happening in this very moment. Rather than focus and talk about the reasons behind our experience, we get interested in what is going on right now and how we can practice befriending the whole of our experience in the present moment. Taking this intensive course in mindfulness, we may open to the full range of human experience from the pleasant to the unpleasant and the neutral in between. We practice resourcing ourselves and choosing to meet difficulties that arise with wisdom and kindness.

Because of the commitment required and intense nature of the course, it is important to choose the best time for you to take this course. An application form is completed in advance and to support you, we can talk through your interest and questions in advance of signing up to the course. Get in touch to request a booking form for the next course.


€250 (full price). €200 (reduced price). €150 (previous course participants).

Secure your place with a booking with €50 deposit here.*

This covers all sessions and materials: 8 x 2.5 hour weekly sessions, plus a full day of practice 10-4pm, a course workbook and audio recordings of the core meditations to support home practice (MP3s).


Summer: Tuesday 7th July – 25th August 2020 7 – 9.30 pm.

Day of Practice tbc

Autumn: Tuesday 8th September – 27th October 2020 7 – 9.30 pm

Day of Practice tbc

*Booking form and pre-course conversation must be completed to confirm place and complete payment.