A Mindful Day Retreat

… retreat in peaceful and inspiring natural surrounds …

Sunday 16th August 2020: Ground, Move & Soothe: a mindful day retreat

In the midst of a world of uncertainty, this day offers a way to connect in safety together and to serve our wellbeing in our next steps.

10 am – 4pm at Blackhill Woods Retreat Centre, Abbeyleix, Co. Laois.

Cost: €85 (Includes nutritious lunch!)   https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/113217516640

As we each move through these next steps of living in the midst of a global pandemic, we may find ourselves sensitive and reeling from the difficulty and overwhelm of the last few months. We may need to move out yet also move in? To reflect, restore and renew. How do we find our grounding in the midst of continued uncertainty and unknowing? How do we stay connected and safe together? How does tuning into beauty, grace and joyfulness nurture our capacity to turn to the whole of lives and its many challenges?

Practising activities of mindfulness and compassion has been a welcome refuge for many during this time. These activities can also support us in recovering from the emotional toll and strengthening our resources that may serve us in the present moment and beyond. Digital life has been a life-line for many, yet we also crave the nourishing joyfulness of sharing the company of fellow beings. Practising in community and in nature together offers a powerful boost to an individual or online practice. The future is always beginning now and where we place our attention shapes that future.

Join us for this special day in this beautiful country retreat in the woods, nestled in the hidden heartlands of Ireland. We will practice paying attention in ways that support and nourish our wellbeing and resilience, now and into the future. We will experience a series of skifully selected and guided mindfulness meditation exercises both indoors and outdoors, abiding within the new protocols for sharing safe spaces together now. In the woodland yoga grove, we will connect with what really matters to us in our day to day lives, we will practice grounding ourselves in our bodies, hearts and nature and we will tend to our embodied emotions through gentle movement, stretching and walking. We will practice tending to the qualities of the heart and soothe our need for safe connection with ourselves, each other and our world right now. Lunch is included in the full day fee of €90. 

Safety is the bedrock of our being and this retreat is only offered because we are certain we can provide the physical environment we need and that meets the current COVID-19 public health advice for protection at this time. 

Places are limited to 12 to ensure 2 metre physical distancing both indoors and outdoors. Hand hygiene and flow of movement indoors will be appropriately prepared. Lunch is prepared and shared meeting required safety protocols. You will be invited to bring and use your own personal items of mat, cushion and blanket. 

Advance booking, payment and health screening form including confirmation of required health status (ie covid-19 symptom-free x 24 hours before event date) is essential to secure your place. You will also agree to share the responsibility for maintaining safety protocols on the day. 

All details of requirements will be provided in writing upon booking. If you are unable to join under these conditions, we trust that you will choose to opt out of this day. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the woods and this day of grounding, moving and soothing our individual and collective wellbeing. 

Refunds – (minus. admin. fees) 

in the event of cancellation by the hosts, a full refund is offered. 

100% Refunds also offered 7 days before event start date. 

50% Refunds are offered 2-6 days before event start date.

Please feel free to contact  for more information.

When we stop and invest in ourselves in this way, the value extends beyond the immediate experience to the rest of our days and weeks.

A gift of a day for yourself (and friends!).  See what others have said who joined us for this day retreat.